Why Visit Albania?

Albania is a fascinating new destination in the Western Balkans.

This enigmatic country has a long and harsh history and has been in the cross roads of cultures and civilizations. As a result it offers a mosaic of physical and cultural remains, starting with prehistoric and continuing with ancient Illyrian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Venetian and more.

The virgin nature and cultural mysteries are combined to create a unique sense of place.

From the snow-capped mountains in the winter to the fields covered in spring by red poppies, Albania’s landscape is ever-changing with the seasons. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a warm summer beach holiday or a mountain trek in the crisp and cool air of the fall.

The natural beauty, unspoiled beaches, Mediterranean bio food, welcoming people and competitive prices are just some of the reasons why Albania is your next destination!

Albania DMC is proud and pleased to offer its assistance and expertise to those who would like to consider a new and unusual destination for their exploration, business trip, vacation or meaningful event.