A tour made especially for you; a truly unique and authentic experience!

ALBANIA DMC provides tailor made tours; exclusively designed packages for the discerning traveler or group.
Whether you or your clients have a specific itinerary in mind or just a few ideas about the types of places you’d like to go to, we’ll work with you to plan an unforgettable journey.
If you want to base your tailor-made experience on one of our standard tours, with a few additions or alterations, the bellow itinerary examples are a great way to get started. You can find inspiration and travel ideas.
From here our expert travel consultants will design the perfect itinerary combined with carefully chosen activities, to suit your needs, expectations and special interests.

 CLasic-Tour-of-Albania Classic Tour of Albania

Duration: 6 nights/7 days

Visits: Kruja – Shkodra – Tirana (Capital) – Ardenica Monastery – Apollonia Archeological Site – Vlora – Llogara National Park – Dhermi (Albanian Riviera) – Himara (Albanian Riviera)  - Saranda – Butrint Archeological Site – Blue Eye Spring – Gjirokastra (UNESCO) – Berat (UNESCO)  - Durres

Description: One week in the most interesting areas of Albania. The colorful capital Tirana; unspoiled beaches along the Albanian Riviera; Archeological treasures on BUTRINT Archeological park and lots of history and tradition on the UNESCO Heritage Sites Gjirokastra and Berat.

 Albania-Adventure-Tour Albania Adventure Tour

Duration: 6 nights/7 days

Visits: Tirana (Capital) – Dajti Mountain - Durres - Berat (UNESCO)  – Vlora – Llogara National Park – Dhermi (Albanian Riviera) – Himara (Albanian Riviera)  - Saranda – Butrint Archeological Site

7 days of adrenaline!
The wild Albanian nature gives you the opportunity to experience new adventures and extend your limits to some exiting sports. Jeep drive in Dajti National Park, 1612 meters high; rafting; hiking in the Cesar Path; sailing in the turquoise waters and paragliding over the Albanian Riviera. You can try it all or choose only your favorite ones. The perfect way to make the cultural visits more exciting than ever!

 Albania-Archeological-Tour Albania Archeological Tour

Duration: 7 nights/8 Days

Visits: Tirana - Kruja - Durres – Berat – Bylis – Antigone - Gjirokastra  - Saranda – Vlora – Apolloni – Ardenice – Durres;    Archeological sites: Albanopoli, Sinagoga, The fortified hill of Peshtan – Tepelene, Sofratika Theatre, The fortress of Vokopola, Mbjeshova Castle

Description: Archaeological research shows that Albania has been populated since the Paleolithic Age (Stone Age). The first areas settled were those with favorable climatic and geographic conditions. In Albania, the earliest settlements have been discovered in the Gajtan cavern (Shkodra), in Konispol, at Mount Dajti, and at Saranda. Fragments of Cyclopean structures were discovered at Kretsunitsa, Arinishta, and other sites in the district of Gjirokastra.

 Albania-Religious-Tour Albania Religious Tour

Duration: 6 nights/7 days

Visits: Kruja – Shkodra – Korca – Voskopoja – Gjirokastra – Berat – Durres - Tirana

Description: Albanians have distinguished themselves for a unique interreligious tolerance, which bears links with the very history of the presence and co-existence of various religious creeds in regions populated by Albanians.

 Albania-Culinary-Tour Albania Culinary Tour – A Mediterranean taste!

Duration: 6 nights/7 days

Visits: Tirana – Lezhe (Agro tourism) - Durres – Berat – Permet – Korca  - Pogradec

Description: Starting with Bio food from a local farm restaurant in Lezha you will be immediately introduced to the Albanian traditional cuisine. During this trip you will not only taste but also learn some of the main characteristic receipts, directly from the locals. Drinks are part of this trip too. Visit in a winery and tasting Albanian traditional alcoholic drink “raki” will complete your culinary tour.

 Albania-Today Albania Today

Duration: 6 nights/7 days

Visits: Kruja – Shkodra – Tirana – Durres – Berat – Vlora – Saranda – Gjirokastra

Description: “Albania Today” is a tour dedicated to all the travelers interested on the actual lifestyle and development of the country. During the 7 days you will get to know Albania through the Albanians; their way of living and working; their welcoming style; their food, language and leisure activities. During the 7 days you will experience Albania as a local!