Evening walk in Tirana


Tour Basis: Walking Tour

Evening walk in Tirana

Departs: EVERY DAY
Duration: 2 hours
Highlights: Colorful Tirana by night

For those who don’t have enough time to visit Tirana during the day, this tour is the perfect choice to learn on the architecture of the city, main points of interest and some of the Albanian history.

Tour starts from Skanderbeg Square with the mosaic of the National Museum, Et’hem Bey Mosque, the government buildings, National Gallery of Arts, Hotel Dajti, and Rinia Park. Than we walk across “Zhan D’Ark and “Bajram Curri” boulevards by Lana River’s bridge, (Photo stops) than and we arrive to the ‘Pyramid’. Next is the Prime Minister’s Building (the ex-Communist Party headquarters), and in front of it is the Parliamentary Offices. Beyond is the Palace of Congresses and in front of it is the Presidential Building. This building was the Soviet embassy until 1961. At the end of main boulevard is “Mother Teresa” Square, named to honor the most famous Albanian nun of the 20th century.