Day Trips in Albania - Experience Albania day by day!
Albania DMC provides organized individual or group Day Trips in the main cities and attractions of Albania.
During the day trip you will have the company of a professional tour guide in the required language and transportation in comfortable private vehicles.
The starting point of the day trip might be Tirana, but also any other city where you are staying.
Explore more about the culture, history, archeology, architecture, or lifestyle of the city.


Tirana City Tour

Explore the colorful capital of Albania with lots of contrasts, never-ending movement and energy.

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Evening walk in Tirana

For those who don’t have enough time to visit Tirana during the day, this tour is the perfect choice to learn on the architecture of the city, main points of interest and some of the Albanian history.

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Day trip Tirana – Kruja

Kruja is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Albania. The historical city which lays on a panoramic view on the top of a hill, offers a perfect combination of nature, history, archeology, traditional food and lifestyle.

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Day trip Tirana – Durres

Durres is the most ancient city in Albania, with almost 3000 years of history. The city is home to many ancient archeological sites and the Amphitheater of the Roman Emperor Adrian is the most known, also the second biggest amphitheatre in the Balkans.

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Day trip Tirana – Kruja – Durres

A full day trip that invites you to explore the history, archaeology, culinary and enjoy the beautiful landscapes while ending the day with a coffee during sunset in the beach area.

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Day trip Tirana – Petrela Castle

Feel the contrasts from the modern buildings of Tirana to the ancient Castle of Petrela! It rises on the slope of a rock on the southeast of Tirana and was built in the 5th century AD.

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Day trip Tirana – Dajti Mountain

Using the cable car for 15 minutes you will be in a height of more than 1600 meters. From here the view of Tirana is spectacular. Traditional food, fresh air, the fauna and flora of the forest, and the Tirana River where this plane forest lies, will give you an adventurous and same time relaxing experience.

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Day trip Tirana – Berat

Berat is the pride of Albanian antiquity and architecture! It is located 120 km from Tirana and forms a wonderful combination of eastern and western cultures, costumes and traditions. The architecture of the old houses, with large windows that overlook the town, is the first think that impresses the visitors.

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Day trip Tirana – Shkodra

Shkodra with the most important town of north Albania and the Illyrian capital, in the 3rd century BC. Stop by the lake of Shkodra, the largest in the Balkans and get introduced to the legend stories of Rozafa Castle.

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Day trip Tirana – Vlora

Full day in the coastal town of Vlora. It is the town of Albania’s independence proclamation. Visit the original house where the independence document was signed in 1912.

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DayDay trip Tirana – Apollonia

Travel to the Archeological park of Apollonia, located 123 km from Tirana, to visit the Odeon, and the courtyard of the Monastery where there is a Byzantine style church believed to have been built in the 14th century.

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Day trip Tirana – Ardenica – Apollonia

A full day trip in Apollonia, one of the most well known archeological sites in the country and recently a National Archaeological Park. On the way stop for a visist to the Monastery of Ardenica. The first building of Ardenica Abbey (church) belongs at the beginning of XVIII century.

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Day Trip Tirana – Gjirokastra

The UNESCO city of Gjirokastra is built on the slope of a hill and is known for its characteristic and narrow coble stone streets. The dwelling houses have the form of medieval towers consisting of a building ensemble with characteristic architecture. The castle itself stands like a balcony over the city. It enables the visitors to enjoy a very beautiful landscape.

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Day trip Tirana – Elbasan – Pogradec

A full day near Lake Ohrid - one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Europe; the home to a number of fish and birds found nowhere else in the world.

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